Come As You Are!

Decatur Bible Church meets Sunday mornings at 700 N. Trinity St. in Decatur (see Our Location) to worship God according to the Scriptures. The atmosphere is casual, so you’ll find folks in anything from slacks to cargo shorts, from button-downs to t-shirts. We often say, “Come as you are!” Our primary goal is to look past externals like dress, worship style, and preferences to draw near in worship together of the God who has so gloriously made himself known in the Scriptures.

What are your services like?

When we get together for worship we strive to put the God of the Bible front and center. God has clearly made himself known through the Scriptures, and most clearly made himself known through The Son, Jesus Christ and the message of the gospel that Christ’s life, ministry, death and resurrection proclaims. As a result when we come to worship we seek to be God-centered, Christ-centered, and gospel-centered in our music, in our prayers, in our ordinances (baptism and communion), and in our teaching and preaching.

Our services tend to be fairly simple. You’ll notice that although we may mix the order or number of things each week, we’ll sing, pray, read, and exposit the Word of God in a way that focuses on exalting God and exulting in God’s grace to us in Christ. Occasionally we’ll see visual depictions of God’s grace to us as we incorporate new believers through baptism or commemorate Christ’s self-sacrificing love for us in Communion.

[By “exposit” we mean that we’ll normally preach verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible, and when we address something from a more topical approach we will take a primary text, or the primary texts, from Scripture and show what they say, what they mean, and how that applies to life today]

What style of music should I expect?

This is an area in which there are many shades of preferences. We recognize that there are many preferences regarding music but we emphasize that what is most important about music is not the era in which it was written nor the style in which it is played or sung but whether the content is God, Christ, and gospel-centered, exalting God and exulting in God’s grace. You’ll find that we prefer songs that have a hymnic structure, having several verses and a chorus, and that we sing old hymns and new hymns with the occasional “praise and worship” song mixed in, and we do it with a contemporary feel.

What should I plan to do with my children?

We are currently able to offer nursery care for children ages 3 months to 2 years, and a children’s class for 3-6 year olds during our worship services. Children who are of age to have begun first grade and older are invited to sit with their parents, or their friends, during the worship service. We like having families together for worship and are not bothered by the noise and activity they bring to the service, preferring to include them rather than exclude them so that they grow up knowing what the regular worship service of the church looks and feels like, and enjoying worship and fellowship with the full family of faith.

What should we do next?

After you have had a chance to come worship with us, come back again! You are also invited to contact us to get together and ask any questions you might have. If a membership seminar is scheduled to take place soon, sign up and take the time to come hear in more detail our understanding of how the Scriptures call us to believe and live as a church family. You can also come to a Sunday night gathering to touch, taste, and see how our Home Fellowships serve to deepen us together according to the Scriptures as the family of Christ. Last, but definitely not least, grab a member and take them out to coffee, lunch, dinner, or whatever works for your schedule and get to know them and how that kind of meeting between members is a vital part of our connecting and growing together in Christ. We have prayed for you before the Lord brought you to us. We hope to serve you well as you prayerfully consider joining our church family. We do realize that our church may not be what you are looking for. If you find that that is the case we’d be glad to help point you to a church that may be a better fit for you and your family.

Come as you are! Come see us soon!